im afraid my online friends are gonna meet me in person and be like “oh”


listen harry is that weird uncle who sits you down and is like “hey you know you can tell me anything and i won’t rat on you to the ‘rents” and then he reaches around you for an orange and straight up bites it peel and all

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"Alone with My Thoughts": Lily Donaldson by Josh Olins for Vogue Japan July 2010

I bet you’re looking at this and thinking hmm not the best photo ever i mean it’s only a seafront and it’s ugly anyway. This photo was infact taken in the dead of night, the only reason it is bright is because i snapped the shutter down as soon as a flash of lightning hit. I was so astonished when these got developed that I actually managed to get a photo of it - especially on my 35mm film cameraSo yeah, my picture of a freak lightning storm

Léa Peckre S/S 2014 lookbook by Tom de Peyret neohki:



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Outfit goals 
Céline Special for Vogue China, photographed by Kira Bunse